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Pictures taken of the many things I like left and right. If you were led here from my blog, you've come to the right place! Also, you might find some posts as well! :D Got a question? Ask away!
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Permalink But I wanted a Braton Prime part!
Orokin Void Defense 3.
Permalink A couple of Lokis duking it out at my clan’s dojo.
Permalink A rep system? Looks like a bug exposed it! :P
Permalink (Post) Valentine Warframe.
Permalink It sure is taking its time…
Permalink Everyone just loves Carriers!
Permalink The Harbinger of the Afterlife will be coming…
Permalink Bonus points to those who can guess my Galatnine’s color theme is based from.
Permalink The Second Coming!
Permalink Got my founder’s bandana. Wow, I’ve waited for more than 2 months for this! Thanks Digital Extremes!